4.The Solent Workshop

The Malta Workshop is now closed.

We have moved to new workshops in the Solent area of the United Kingdom  Telephone – 0750 4960 311

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A three train clock with music box – Under construction in our Malta workshop.

The Musical movement is now complete. The comb and pin barrel, also the governor, were taken from a distressed music box – circa 1896.

Some of the tunes are “Unknown”. Should anyone recognise these tunes I would be pleased if you would let me know through – peter@skeletonclocks.eu.com . To hear the tune – just click the individual links below.

1-Phil the Hunters Ball.

2-If it wasn’t for the Houses in Between.

3-Dorothy (operette)

4 – Unknown.

5-Her Golden Hair was Hanging Down Her Neck.

6-Two little girls in Blue.

7 – Unknown.

8-Strolling Round the Town.

9 – Unknown.

10-Home Over There.

11-Linger Longer Loo.

12 – Unknown.

13-Little Alabama Coon.

14 – Unknown.

15 – Unknown.

16 – Unknown.

17 – Unknown.

18-Don’t be Cross.

19 – Unknown.

20 – Unknown.

The Musical clock is now Completed see the “Clocks Available” page


The New Solent Workshop is mainly interested in designing and making individual Skeleton Clocks. Some are commissioned by discerning collectors while others are made as the mood takes me.

In order to make Skeleton Clocks one has to have the set up and machines to make the Wheels and Pinions etc. Our Safag was purchased many years ago and is still giving great service. A quick release dividing head was made for the Myford and this enabled us to make wheels at a moments notice. For over 35 years now we have been supplying the trade with clock wheels and pinions to order and the service is second to none.



We use EN8DM (BS970: 212A42) Medium Carbon Free cutting Steel for our arbours and pinions. We find this material, in its normal state, is hard enough for pinion work. However, the carbon content is controlled within the range that is suitable for components requiring flame or induction hardening.

Standard range is .55 to .95 modules in 6, 7 and 8-leaf but, if we have the cutters, we can usually oblige.

For verge & high quality clocks – we can cut silver steel pinions. Ask for details.

Hand Pierced Dials, frets and Hands.

I will undertake the hand cutting of components and hands in most materials.

Specialising in Dial and Bracket clock hands to any design.

Please contact Peter@skeletonclocks.eu.com or phone

0750 4960311

Various Hand pierced Skeleton Clock components.

Various Hand pierced Skeleton Clock components.

A selection of hasnd cut Hands.

A selection of hand cut Hands.

Fish Scale Frets

Fish Scale Frets

Hand Pierced Skeleton Clock Frame

Hand Pierced Skeleton Clock Frame


Phone 0750 4960311

email peter@skeletonclocks.eu.com

or      –    no1.clockmaker@gmail.com

2017 Wheel Cutting